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Aliya Naaz All Webseries List

Hello guys you are looking for Aliya Naaz all web series list with name and also find how to watch Aliya Naaz All Web series watch online for free

So guys this post is only for you here I will share with you Aliya Naaz all web series name and their ott platform name where you can which is all web series.

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Aliya Naaz is India’s famous web series actress and model. Alia is very famous for her web series “Mrs teacher”. before entering in web series industry, aliya works in Bhojpuri film. The list of famous web series by Aliya Naaz was given below.

Aliya Naaz All Web Series List Here:


  • Mrs. Teacher (Primeshots) – 2022
  • Online – Part 1 & 2 (Ullu) – 2022
  • Bahu Jaan (Primeshots) – 2022
  • Puddan Season 2 (Cineprime) – 2022
  • Andha Dhundh (Primeshots) – 2022
  • Choodiwala Part 1 & 2 (Ullu) – 2022

So here is the whole list, if you know any other web series of Aliya Naaz, then definitely comment below.

1. Mrs. Teacher Primeshots web series 2022

Mrs. Teacher Primeshots web series 2022

This is the story of Rohit who has failed twice in the 12th exam. Rohit’s father gets his admission done to the most famous coaching center in the city.

That coaching center is run by a teacher named Sabina. Sabina’s style of Teaching is such that the children studying there are always top. To know what is Sabina’s way, watch the “Mrs teacher” web series only on the prime shots app.

Mrs. Teacher Primeshots web series 2022


2. Online Ullu web series (Part 1 & 2) Ullu web series

Online Ullu web series (Part 1 & 2) Ullu web series

The story of an online web series is about a young boy. This boy’s father owns an undergarments shop. One day the milkman comes to his house to give milk, then there is a pillow on his bike. Seeing the cushion, the boy groans, “Why is there a pillow.”

Milkman says that his wife is affectionate in adult films, and she does everything that happens in movies. That’s where the boy got the idea. He tells his father that he will go to China and bring undergarments from there at cheap rates and sell online web series.

When that boy goes to China, he sees that adult products are at low prices and their sales are very high. He brings all the products along with the undergarments and starts selling online.

The boy’s business is established by selling undergarments online and started quite a good earning. In this happiness, he sends sweets to all his relatives. But by mistake sends adult toys in the box of sweets. Watch “online web series” to know what will happen next.

3. Bahu Jaan Primeshots web series 2022

Bahu Jaan Primeshots

This is the story of a family where the husband and wife live with their father-in-law. her Father-in-law has the disease Alzheimer’s. The father-in-law starts liking his daughter-in-law and tries to get into a physical relationship with her.

The wife has an affair, whose news comes to her father-in-law. To know what will happen next, watch the web series of primeshots bahu jaan.

4. Puddan Season 2

Puddan Season 2

This is the story of three friends who live in a village. they get bored with their life and sets out in search of a new village. To know what will happen next, watch Puddan Season 2 only on the Cineprime app.

5. Seal 4 prime shots web series

Seal 4 prime shots web series

in this web series prime shots cast their top 2 actresses Ayesha Kapoor and aliya naaz. This is the story of a newly married couple. The husband takes an oath on the honeymoon that he will not celebrate the honeymoon until he repays the loan for his father.

He stays away from his wife, due to which his wife does not get the happiness that she wants. The wife makes a relationship with her sister-in-law to get her happiness.

6. Andha Dhundh Web Series

Andha Dhundh Web Series

This is the story of the son of a millionaire father whose name is Rohit. Rohit lives on his own. Rohit is blind. To take care of him, her father appoints a girl named Monica.

Monica taking advantage of Rohit being blind steals into the house To know what will happen next, watch the famous web series of prime shot andha dhundh.

7. Choodiwala Ullu Web Series (Part 1& 2)

Choodiwala Ullu Web Series

Murari isn’t just your regular Choodiwala who goes village to village selling bangles, instead he also provides his customers with physical pleasure.

 Sangeeta, Kajri and Bhuri are enamored by the vibrant shimmer of the bangles and give in physically to the charming Choodiwala.

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